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For the unacquainted with adult dating, let me first set the stage…

hot yoga pantsIn the late 90′s online dating started to become a viable option to a lot of singles. Into the early 2000′s as online dating was relinquishing it’s stigma, sites started to cater to specific niches. While sites like adultfriendfinder had been around since 1996 (Wikipedia – AdultFriendFinder), it wasn’t until the early 2000′s that the industry of “Adult Dating” started to take off. This is when sites like GetItOn, NoStringsAttached, XMatch, and started to enter the market.

Now you have a buffet of options from sites for finding asian sex to meeting a bbc for a cuckold session with your hotwife. (Yes, that’s real lingo you can learn about here) The point is that these sites now cover a wide range of fetishes and desires. With so many options it can be hard to choose.

hot nightyThese days the concern is not only choosing the right kind of site, but also the legitimacy of the site. Affiliate programs allow webmasters to create “white label” sites so they can essentially create their own “site” by simply adding a new logo and domain name. They are still using the same pool of profiles (some fake) as many of the other sites. Some examples I’ve seen would include and Myhotbook.

Most recently, I’ve been noticing the video at the intro of other pornhub and xvideos videos I’m watching. From what I’ve seen, it looks like the guys or gals at are simply downloading previously made porn videos, attaching their intro video and logo then reposting them on a big porn tube site.

Why would they do this?

It’s simple, these videos can often get thousands of views in a day. It gives them a ton of free exposure. Then when people type in they expect to see a brand new adult dating site that will rock their world. What they get is an intro screen another adult dating site. Truth be told, you can get laid on the current site they are offering, but you need to know how to properly navigate a hookup site and you need to know how to message and connect with legitimate members.

Should I take the time to go to

No, there are a ton of better options out there. In fact, if you are willing to spend some time to develop the craft of hooking up then you will be golden creating free accounts at, OKCupid, or Tinder.

But I want to get Laid Tonight…

Ok, so if you are looking to find a hookup right away then my first suggestion would be going to a good cams site for some online fun. Hookup Insider Cams is a great option. Otherwise, I’ve also heard a lot of great things about Slutroulette as it’s more of a “peer to peer” program.

But if you are looking for the real thing…

Then your best option is definitely AdultFriendFinder. It has been the biggest and best adult dating site for a long time. They have their own issues, but they have developed a brand that actually attracts real women better than any of the others.


Just don’t waste your time or money on

Free Hookup Dating Sites

What are the best free dating sites to find a hook up

Finding a hookup in bars and clubs can be exhausting because it is really hard to know the other person’s intentions. You never know whether the girl or boy you are interested in is interested in you purely for sexual reasons or they just want a relationship. Even when you actually get to find someone interested in a hookup in the club, they still may be into kinky stuff that you are not that into. Or they may be beautiful or handsome but lack that sexual appeal that makes you go wild in bed.  You may find yourself going to clubs over and over again and never getting lucky even once.  The worst thing about this is that you always have to spend money all the time buying drinks for potential hookups.


Free dating sites online could be the alternative to clubs and bars. You won’t have to dress up or buy someone a beer when you are online. There is no need to pretend that you are interested in a relationship online when you know clearly that all you want is sex.  The online hookup space is full of men and women who are looking for one thing and one thing only: sex.  Some do not even want to know your name; they just want to have the sex of their lives and move on to the next sexy person they see. All you will need to do on a free dating site is check the box for hookups and wait for the magic to happen.  Let us look at three best free dating sites to find a hookup:

This site is one of the most popular free hookup sites in the US.  It has more than 30 million active users and more than a million are active online every day.  The website also has an advanced algorithm that uses your responses to help find your best hookup match. It is important to know what you want and be honest about it. This is because the more questions you answer the better the algorithm on the site becomes at finding the right match. Okcupid is completely free. Just be prepared to see a lot of ads.

The website has only one membership option; free membership.  There is no billing and when you join you become a member with full access. You will actually get a number of emails from real people with real profiles.  The website has a good setup that gives you the chance to choose from a number of options depending on what you like in bed. Once you have picked the options you like, the site matches you with people who are into those things. That means that anyone who contacts you will know clearly what you want and you won’t have to beat about the bush about only wanting sex. You can browse the hottest member list to find the hottest person in your area.  Peachmate also has an activity list that lets you what else is happening on the website and they have an app.

The website is 100 percent free, which mean there is no billing.  Unlike paid websites it offers very limited communication features.  They provide free chat, send and receive emails and also engage with members on the Saucydates forums. You can edit your location on your profile, add photos and even write a few words about yourself.  The website has a lot of active members and that means you will always find someone to talk to when you login.  Saucydates does not allow nudity and manually approves photos to ensure they comply with the site’s rules. If you are worried about receiving spam email, the site sends you a warning if it thinks a message is not genuine. They even allow you to report suspicious profiles and people who do not follow the website’s guidelines.

So, try out these websites and find the ones that work best for you. Just remember not to exaggerate about yourself on your profile or you may just get rejected when you meet your potential hookup.

Fixing My Dating Profile

What should I include or exclude in my dating profile

Your dating profile is that “smell of a flower that will attract a hot honey bee”. Try not to downplay the importance of your dating profile because of my weird completely-made-up quote. Your profile is what will help you get the sex partner or relationship partner that you want or need. It’s like going to a restaurant and making the right order (forgive me for my metaphors).  Finding a date online is not similar to finding a date in a bar or a club because you and your potential date are not present physically in the same place. There is no way for them to guess how tall you are; how handsome or beautiful you look; how stylish you are without you actually telling or showing them.

Online dating just like dating at your local bar has rules that should be followed if you want to get the best hookup or dating partner online.  The first rule is having a profile that makes you look interesting and draws in potential partners.  Let us look at some five things you must include or exclude from your dating profile:


You do not have to look like the current People magazine’s most handsome or beautiful person in the world to draw interest to yourself. All you need is good picture that shows your real face and clothed body. I emphasize “clothed body” because most people are turned off by nudity and also because your nude photo may exaggerate some bad features you have on your body.  A few hacks like having a genuine smile (with teeth) on your picture or taking a photo with you in the center of a group of people looking adorably at you, could do wonders. Avoid Photoshop because it could just make people think you are insecure or even desperate and outdated photos give the impression that you are dishonest.


A rather provocative headline may attract a lot of attention but you need to know that not all attention is good attention. Generic headline or ambiguous headlines will just make you seem like a boring robot that no one wants to spend time with. A recent study did show that using boring headlines that are specific like “attractive, genuine, keeping fit, music and travel, professional male/female” is the most balanced description. Lying only works until you actually meet the person you are interested in. So, be honest but do not give a brutal description of yourself; sell yourself with your best qualities.

Screen name/ Handle

Screen names should not describe any body part but should still be catchy. Women tend to prefer talking to men with screen names that show they are smart like “Stargazer”. Men prefer talking to women with sexy screen names like “cutie”.  Remember that in most cases your screen name is the first thing they see when they are browsing for potential a potential partner; be creative.


Yes, your teacher was right; grammar does help you in your life after school. Try and use good grammar when you are writing a short summary of who you are. Edit the short description twice then save. People tend to assume that bad grammar means you are a high school dropout or something worse than that.

If you want to get more attention online, change your lifestyle and try new things like surfing, mountain climbing, cooking and so on. Sitting on your couch all day eating junk food will not get you that man or woman.